Secure payment update exception

When attempting to load a custom stylesheet to a payment 2.0 page, the default stylesheet loads instead.
Using the secure payment template update runs and shows an exception under Sites & Settings, Settings, and Schedules.

The Payment 2.0 page does not load the custom stylesheet created in the look and feel of our site.
This is caused by the addition of SSL links in the stylesheet data being passed to the payment 2.0 part. 
Remove any SSL links manually added to the stylesheet.

When attempting to load the custom stylesheet to the payment 2.0 part, check the following:
1. Login as a Supervisor user in Blackbaud NetCommunity
2. Navigate to Sites & Settings
3. Select Settings - Schedules
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page to Secure Payment Template Update
5. Note the last time the schedule ran, and whether there were exceptions or not.
6. If the schedule has not run, select the Update button
7. If the update ran in the past, or shows an exception, then Click Chat with Support and reference this article




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