By default, NetCommunity will pull all classes of it's available parts within the class drop down list. If you wish to add additional classes for use you can perform either of the following: 
Pulling custom classes from a style sheet within NetCommunity: 
  1. In the editor, click the View tab
  • Select Style Sheet Options
  • Select the desired style sheet that contains your classes 
  • Click Insert
Adding your own custom class: 
  1. In the editor, access the Class drop down
    • This can be done when editing an image and selecting the Appearance tab
    • In the list of classes, select (value) at the very end of the list
    • Enter in your custom class and click update
      • When entering in your class make sure to omit the "." operator or the class reference will be incorrect
      Using inline style tags to display custom classes:
      1. In the editor, select View -> HTML code
      • At the very beginning of your HTML code, add in <style type="text/css"></style> tags
      • Place your custom classes between your style tags 
        • Make sure that you declare your CSS rules as classes or they will not appear. Example: .bigImage { /*Code here/* }
        • Click Update when finished
        • Access the table cell, image, etc... and click the drop down for the Class list
        • Scroll down to the very end and confirm that the classes added via HTML appear