Answer: Most of the customizing that can be done is found by going to "Setup" > "Standard Page Center" and clicking "Customize" next to the "Opt-Out Confirmation" item. Additionally, if you contact support the following changes can be made:
  • Your opt out page could become an confirmation page. If this setting is turned on, anytime someone clicks on the unsubscribe link they will be sent to a confirmation page to confirm that they want to be opted out. That opt out will be global.
  • The PageWrapper can be configured when creating the unsubscribe link using these steps.
  • Interests can be toggled off/on so that interest opt outs are either visible or not on the opt out page.
    • If interests are on, they can be shown in in a tree layout.
    • If the interests are on and in a tree layout, that layout can be done in columns
No other changes can be made to the unsubscribe page than the ones documented here.