If you have automatic duplicate correction, then you may be able to restore the records if they were merged within the last 14 days. Follow the steps below to do this:
  1. Go to Data Management > select Duplicate Management
  2. Select the Duplicate Merge Undo Management tab
  3. If it is possible to unmerge the records, there will be a blue arrow on the right to "Undo Merge". Click that arrow and follow the on screen prompts.
If you do not have those menu options, then please Contact Support and reference this article.  Luminate Suport can check the Duplicate Merge Undo Management on your behalf to see if the merge can be undone. If the records are not listed, or if the Undo Merge icon is not available, then it is not possible to unmerge the records. At that time, the only option is for Luminate Support to reinstate the record(s) that were merged into the master record as a duplicate. This will not move back the Interests, Groups, Interactions, Transactions, or other changes that took place during the merge. You will have to manually move the Transactions, Interests, and Groups back to the reinstated constituent as best you can. Support can help you in this process, but they cannot do it for you.