There are four systems for sending emails in Luminate Online: the Tell-A-Friend (TAF or TellAFriend) system, the Email Campaign system, the autoresponder system, and the admin notification system. They are processed differently because one is a constituent emailing a friend through your system, one is you sending an email to a constituent with the opt out functionality, and one is non-optional autoresponders. The four different systems are not only processed differently by Luminate but they are also sent on different IPs.This helps insure deliverablity for Email Campaign sends even when TAF systems and sometimes autoresponders are marked as spam by recipients who did not want or expect the messages.

Because the systems come out of different IPs they will also have different deliverablity as various recipient email servers maintain blacklists on various IPs. We try to maintain deliverablity on all IPs but due to the nature of TAF messages the deliverablity will never be as good as Email Campaigns. Autoresponders are rarely marked as spam so their deliveralbity also tends to be good. Additionally, any sort of bounces from the friend recipient's who receive TAF emails will not be reflected on constituent records as there is no direct relationship in the system between a friend recipient and a constituent record.

Tell-A-Friend systems
  • Tell-A-Friend - customizable via back end settings and URL arguments
  • eCard - customizable via Email > eCards
  • Participant Center messages - customizable via specific TeamRaiser events

Email Campaign systems
  • Email Campaigns - customizable via Email > Email Campaigns
  • Coaching emails - customizable via specific TeamRaiser events
  • Express Email - customizable via Luminate Online > Express Emails
  • Quick Emails - customizable via Email > Quick Email

  • Almost all applications - customizable via the applications themselves as well as Setup > Autoresponder Center

Admin Notifications
  • Many applications - not customizable