There are a number of reasons why this could be happening.
  • Not everything may be settled - Transactions that show up in Online that have not settled may not be in your bank yet.
  • The dates may not be lining up the way you are expecting - Transactions do not always get deposited to your bank on the same date as the transaction or on the same date as the settlement date.
  • Some transactions may be offline cash/check transactions - Be sure to check the payment type when looking at a Luminate Online report because transactions entered offline with a payment type of cash or check will not be included in deposits into your bank from your merchant processor.
  • Your merchant processor may be taking a fee out of the deposits - Depending on your contact with your merchant processor, your processor may be subtracting their fees from your deposits before they hit your bank.
  • Your ReportWriter report includes credits - Credits in ReportWriter are refunds. If they are included in ReportWriter reports, they can cause confusion when reconciling.
  • Your offline database may not be synced up with Luminate - If you are comparing your offline database to your bank but some transaction(s) has not synced down from Luminate to your offline database, the numbers will not match up without taking that transaction(s) into consideration.
  • A transaction may have processed but not be recorded in Online or a transaction may be recorded in Online but not have processed - This is extremely rare but not impossible. If this does happen, it may be an undiscovered bug in Luminate Online, the merchant gateway, and/or the merchant processor.

Because of these various reasons, it is not recommended that you use aggregate or summary data to try to reconcile your bank with Luminate Online. The only fool proof way of reconciling Luminate Online with your bank is transaction by transaction. If after reconciling line by line you run into the last problem, contact support for assistance with the details of the missing transaction(s).