1. Create the business’s account
  2. Once you save the business’s account, click on to the Relationship page
  3. Under the Tasks menu, click New Relationship
  4. Select the Relationship Type
  5. Set the Business as the correct half of the Relationship, and then click Select Related Account
  6. When the Find Account window pops up, click Add Account
  7. Fill in the Name and Sort Name
  8. Under Persona, click Copy Primary Persona from Related Account and then select the correct Persona type in the drop-down menu 
  9. Finish filling out any remaining salutations or fields
  10. Click Save at the bottom of the Find Account window
  11. Finish filling in any Relationship information
  12. Under the Tasks menu click Save And
Now the new contact is set up with the appropriate address and in a relationship with the business.