This is possible but it will take at least some basic knowledge of HTML.
  1. Create the survey in Luminate Online with only the necessary fields.
  2. Publish the survey.
  3. Embed the survey in a pagebuilder page and publish the page
  4. Go to the end-user side and view the survey
  5. View the HTML source on the page.
  6. Find and copy the source code of the <FORM> tag start and end of the survey
** Make sure to capture the closing table as well. This is usually the very next closing table below the form. It will look something like this:


  1. The snippet captured needs to be embedded in the non Luminate Online page.
** You can make some minor modifications to the look and feel of the survey, but DO NOT change or add fields to the form. If additional fields are needed, then you will need to start over.
  1. Because the organization wants to keep the constituent in the same page after submitting the survey, there is one additional step needed.
  2. Find the top of the <FORM> tag, and edit the action. This usually reads:
** action="
The admin will need to add the NEXTURL to the action line
** action=""