Upload the file into the document library. If the file is too large, you will need to use FTP to upload this file onto your site.

Use the following HTML code:
<EMBED SRC="DocServer/MyMovie.mov?docID=1111" WIDTH=240 HEIGHT = 196 AUTOPLAY=true CONTROLLER=true LOOP=false PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/">

To determine what should follow the SRC=, follow these steps:
1) Use the WYSIWYG to create a link to the video in the document library. It will look something like this:
<a href="DocServer/MyMovie.mov?docID=1111">test</a>
or for FTP it will look like this:
2) Copy the code that is contained in quotes following the href= that was created by the WYSIWYG in step 2.
3) Paste the information you copied in step 3 following the SRC=. You should end up with something that looks similar to:

In this case the width of the movie is 240 pixels. The height of the clip is really 180 pixels, but since you want the controller to be available for your user, you need to add 16 pixels for it to appear.

The movie will play automatically since AUTOPLAY=true. Making it equal false would force the user to click on the movie to play it.

LOOP=false means that the movie will play only once instead of repeating infinitely.

The PLUGINSPAGE tag tells the user's browser where to download the QuickTime plug-in if they don't already have it.