Yes, this can be done via the NEXTURL argument. This argument allows you to specify which page a user is taken to after submitting a form within Luminate.

For example, say an admin wants to create a link that asks the constituent to login and then takes them to the homepage. They would follow these steps:
  1. Create a login link by choosing the type of link from the 'Links' dropdown. In this example, this would be 'User Registration'.
  2. Choose 'Options' next to the link and add 'Login' for our example.
  3. In the 'Additional Arguments' text box, enter the NEXTURL argument and it's value as:


* Where "foo" is the page the users should be redirected to after logging in.
* The "T1" is there to encode the URL.
* If the constituent should come back to the same page they were on when clicking the link after they have logged in, replace "foo" with "[[S8]]". For example:

  1. Click 'Insert Link'

Now, the HTML for the link should be something like:

<A href="UserLogin?NEXTURL=[[T1:[[S8]]]]">Login</A>

Note: The "[[S8]]" will not be converted until the page is rendered on the front end.