Many groups can be deleted by using the "Delete" button that appears on the Group Information page. If the button does not appear, then some other part of Luminate Online  relies on that group being there in order to work right. This can be a donation form, a task, an email campaign, etc.

To delete the group, you will first have to disassociate it from what ever part of Luminate Online is relying on the group. If you are unable to determine what application is tied to the group, it will not be possible to delete that group. When you are unable to delete a group, it's usually best to add "zzz_do_not_use" at the beginning of the group name so that it is not used.

How do I delete groups made from a task or a query?
Delete said task or query.

How do I delete groups made from a donation level?
Delete said donation level.

How do I delete Opt-in/Opt-out groups?
You cannot simply delete an Opt-in/Opt-out group. This is because, unlike other groups, these groups are generated by tasks that regularly run to populate the group.

So, in order to delete these groups, you actually need to delete the tasks that build them by following the steps below:
  1. As an admin go to Data Management.
  2. Click on Tasks in the second level navigation.
  3. Click on Task List on the third level navigation.
  4. Find the task with the same title as the interest group that you wish to delete.
  5. Click on the small trashcan icon to the right of the task to delete the operation. Remember to delete both the Opt-In and the Opt-Out groups.

If you now go back to Constituent 360->Groups, you should see that this group has now been deleted.