Import the acquisition list:
  1. Go to Marketing and communications > Acquisition lists > Add an acquisition list.
  2. Enter a name and other relevant information for the list (costs, vendor, etc.), and save the list.
  3. From the Segments tab of the new list, click "Add" to add a new list segment (This can also be done by going to Marketing and communications > Segments > Add a list segment, but then the new segment will have to be manually added to the acquisition list on the Segments tab).
    • Enter a name for the segment.
    • Select the import file that includes the list of potential donors. This will lead to a screen where all of the fields to be imported must be mapped - choose an existing layout or create a new one to accommodate all fields in the import file
    • Once the file is imported, the segment will reflect the correct quantity of records that were in the file.
    • Save the new list segment.

Use the imported acquisition list in a marketing effort:
  1. Go to Marketing and communications > Marketing efforts > Add a direct marketing effort.
  2. On the Segments tab of the marketing effort, click Add and select the acquisition list segment created in the steps above.
  3. Add any other segments needed for the effort.
  4. Under Tasks, click "Calculate segment counts."  Note that when this is complete, source codes and finder numbers are assigned to each record included in the effort.
  5. Under Tasks, click "Activate marketing effort."
  6. Under Tasks, click "Export effort" and send out the mailing.