Attribute categories missing when trying to select eligible attribute categories for data mart

For attribute categories to be eligible for the data mart, they must have a record type of Constituent, Revenue, Educational history, Event, Registrant, Designation, Interaction, or Modeling and propensity.  In addition, the data type for the attribute categories must be "Code table" or "Yes/No."  After users configure attribute categories, they can be manually added to the data mart.

In CRM data marts, users have a configuration option to "Select eligible attribute categories," which allows these values to be pulled into the data mart when it's refreshed.  However, when an attribute category has the checkbox "Make available in lists" marked, then the attribute will not be visible in the data mart configuration.  If that checkbox is unmarked, the attribute category becomes available for the data mart.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


 3.0.516, patch 15

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