BBNC transaction manager - Last Payment Date and Last installment amount are incorrect

The Last Payment Date and Last installment amount display the first payment and not the last payment received.

Note: since monthly pledges are evenly distributed last installment amount the error is difficult to view/test. 

The “Paid in full” field on the NetCommunity Transaction Manager is actually showing the Paid in Full date according to the Pledge’s schedule, as entered in The Raiser’s Edge.

For example, Nancy’s Pledge was scheduled for one Installment.  So the scheduled “Paid in Full” date, is the date of her first-and-only Installment.


If you are receiving lots of questions or complaints from website users, we would recommend editing the Transaction Manager part, and using the Language tab to re-caption the “Paid in Full date” label to something like “Scheduled Paid in Full date”.


 2.92.537, patch 1

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