This is a classic symptom of the firewall(s) and/or other network appliance or software on your network that protects the Raiser's Edge Web Service (REWS) server interrupting server-to-server communication on your network.

This communication could be between two servers on your network or between your REWS server and the NetCommunity web server that Blackbaud hosts.

Note that the REWS server, the SQL server (where the Raiser's Edge database resides) and the server where the Raiser's Edge deploy kit and Blackbaud Management Console all need to be able to communicate with one another.

Often this symptom indicates that Raiser's Edge on the REWS server cannot see it's deploy kit.  To overcome this:
  1. Verify that expected path to deploy kit on the workstation is correct.
  2. Verify that the the deploy kit can be reached from the REWS server without entering network credentials.
  3. Set the appropriate NTFS permissions
If the deploy kit path is incorrect on the REWS server or if it unreachable, take steps to correct this.  Only if the deploy kit can't be made available to the REWS server, should it be copied locally.  If the deploy kit must be copied locally, it will need to be manually updated anytime a upgrade or patch is applied to The Raiser's Edge.

When you are able to load the testconfig page 10 times in a row without failure and with all response times under 2-3 seconds, you have resolved the issue.