1. Class pages will not show for students until the school year has began. 
    1. Log in to The Education Edge
    2. Click Configuration Academic Years
    3. Double click on the current academic year
    4. Verify the start date field is today's date or prior to today's date
    5. Double click the Session to open the session window
    6. Click the Terms tab
    7. Verify the start date for the term is today's date or prior to today's date
    8. Click OK
    9. Click Save and Close
  2. The  teacher created the class page but it is not yet published for the students to view.
    1. Login to the NetCommunity site as the teacher for the class
    2. Navigate to a page with a Campus Page Manager part on it 
    3. Under the My Pages section, click the link for the affected class page
    4. Click the Edit this page option in the campus page manager menu. 
    5. Mark the Publish it now checkbox
    6. Click Save