When you uninstall and reinstall Aatrix, the tax report history will disappear until you go through the automatic update of the Aatrix installation. The steps below explain what must be done in order to see the Tax Report History. Since Aatrix is installed locally, these steps will need to be completed on the workstation that is missing the Tax Report History Information after Aatrix has been uninstalled and reinstalled.  

1. In the Payroll module, go to mail>State and Federal Tax Reports

2. Double-click on Federal Tax Reports (this will create a new Federal Tax Report parameter)

3. Click "Display Report"

4. Click Automatic Update when you receive a prompt to update the installation of Aatrix

5. Go through the update and then the company setup

6. Close the report once it displays 

You will now be able to run a Tax Report History report 

*Note: If User has a new workstation or User Profile, Copy Aatrix History folder from previous Workstation/User Profile and paste onto the new workstation or new user profile.