Unable to edit field options in Membership Renewal Effort (Email) export definition

Users have the ability to edit fields in the Mail Export definition used in Membership renewals, but not the Email Export definition.
The default Email export definition cannot be edited because the "Use field names for one to one column headers" option is checked in the Set Save Options tab of the export definition.
To workaround this limitation, you can add a new Email export definition by following these steps:
  1. Go to Marketing and Communications > Export Definitions
  2. Click on the current Membership Renewal Effort (Email) and click the Copy button (to create a new export)
  3. Now click on the Copy created and click Edit
  4. On the Fields and Criteria tab, add the fields that you desire
  5. IMPORTANT: On the Set Save Options tab, uncheck "Use field names for one to one column headers" before saving (if you save with this checked you will not be able to go back and uncheck it)
  6. Save
You may not be allowed to edit the fields in the export definition after an email is sent using this definition.



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