Logo image is not displaying in a registration, donation, or contact form

Within the Form Layout of a form in Blackbaud Sphere, an image has been successfully imported through the "Import a logo" feature but is not displaying on the front end.
Although, the "Import a logo" feature allows users to upload a .png file, this type of image file will not display on the frontend. As a workaround, save the file as a .jpg file and upload the file to the "Import a logo" section.

For files with an extension of: jpeg
Re save the image with the file extension "jpg". After uploading the new image and Publishing the Event, the new image should show up on the form.

Lastly, verify that you have clicked on the Publish This Event Now button under the Webinfo Checklist of the form.

If none of these suggestions resolve your issue:
Chat with Support and reference this article. 



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