Date and currency in wrong format when Blackbaud hosts application

Hosted Raiser's Edge show date and currency in US format when they should show in UK format.

Try each of the steps in order until the issue is resolved.

  1. Exit and sign out of Raiser’s Edge and update Regional Settings  then click Apply then OK to save changes.
  2. Once changes are saved, or if the Regional Settings were already correct, log back into Raiser’s Edge. 
    If issue persists determine which server is being accessed
  3. Exit and sign out of Raiser’s Edge and check Regional Settings again to see if they have changed.

If the issue persists then Click Chat with Support and reference this article. .

Include one of the following pieces of information in the case notes to identify whether

a) Regional Settings revert to US format after saving in UK format


b) Regional Settings show in UK format but date and currency in Raiser’s Edge show in US format .  For this circumstance please include the server you are connected to.

Also include the following in the notes of the case: 
Hosting / Citrix login 
Raiser’s Edge login 
A customer support analyst will contact you to obtain the passwords.



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