How to download and run Check License Connection utility for Blackbaud Links

Blackbaud Links CheckLicenseConnection.exe utility
  1. Download the utility to your local machine via the following link.
  2. Note the folder that the file is downloaded to and, when download complete, open the folder and double click on checklicenseconnection.exe.
  3. Click OK to the following message to start the utility: screenshot of Begin connection license test
  1. When complete, review the Test complete screen to ensure each test has been successful. Click OK to finish
     screenshot of connection license test results
  1. A ConnectionTest.log file that contains the information shown on the Test complete screen is saved to the same folder that was used to download checklicenseconnection.exe.
    You can navigate to that folder and open the log file to check the results again, if required.
  2. If any of the tests do not report Success then Contact Support and reference this article. 


 Raiser's Edge 7.92

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