Password reset link is broken in WebPortal Email

When attempting to reset the password for WebPortal login credentials, the link within the reset email is broken.  It does not direct to the webpage either through Internet Explorer or Mozilla.

Ensure the URL being used to access WebPurchasing or WebInvoicing is the same URL listed on the Email tab within the WebPortal Configuration Tool. If it is not the same, change the URL being used to access WePurchasing or WebInvoicing so that it matches the URL on the Email tab of the WebPortal Configuration Tool. If the issue is not resolved after making this change, please contact support by using one of these contact methods: Call: 1-800-468-8996 or Create a case online. Please also be sure to reference this Knowledgebase solution number (BB738003) when creating the case online or when speaking to a Support Analyst over the phone. 



 7.82.104, patch 37

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