Multiple rows display for same record in constituent search of invitee datalist when querying invitee list

Users can search for constituents on the Invitations tab of an event to register constituents. However, some users have experienced multiple rows displaying for a single constituent record when searching for Invitee constituents. Furthermore, when one of the instances of the constituent's name is selected from the results, and the user attempts to add the constituent to the Invitee list, no records are displayed.
Client Environment: 2.94.1524 Rev 14
Duplicated in Sample Environment:
Sample Environment: 2.94.1524 Rev 14

Steps to duplicate: 

1) Open an Event

2) Click on Invitations

3) Click on Invitees

4) Search for an attendee

5) Note that more than one row is displayed for identical constituents (first bug)

6) Select one of the duplicate displayed rows and click search

7) Note that zero rows are returned.

Client: Rockefeller University
WI: 246861


 2.94.1524 Patch 14

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