LinkedIn Group Join Part Join this Group button not working

When viewing the LinkedIn Group Join Part, the Join this Group button is not showing as a clickable link.
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The Join button should appear if you are not logged in as an authenticated member of the LinkedIn group.  If you are already logged in, or recognized as an authenticated user through another browser session, then the View button appears.

If the Join button appears and is not clickable, try the following 2 items:
Add the domain of your website to the Javascript API Domains in the LinkedIn Application Details section of the LinkedIn Developer Network.
1. Login to LinkedIn Developer Network
2. Select the Application Name that is configured for your BBNC website
3. Scroll to the Other section
4. In the box next to Javascript API Domains, list all of your BBNC website domains separated by a comma.
      Ex. http://{DOMAIN.EN_US}.com, https://{DOMAIN.EN_US}.com

Please be sure you add the default CSS selectors to the stylesheet for the LinkedIn Group Join part:

1.       Edit style sheet

2.       Click Insert CSS selectors

3.       Select LinkedIn Group Join in Insert selectors for drop down

4.       Check Include defaults

5.       Click Insert – default styles are added to stylesheet

6.       Save




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