To correct the applied amount, this needs to be manually changed in the Pay Registration Fees window to correctly reflect how your organization wants to distribute the gift. Options for distribution of applied amounts include either giving an amount of zero to the guests or dividing the amount of the ticket amongst all the registrants (screenshots below). The gift amount is correct regardless of how these amounts are applied to the event. **Please note -- If this is not adjusted manually in the batch -- either applying the total ticket price to the payee (and a zero amount to the guests) or properly distributing the total amount over all registrants, this will cause inaccurate calculations to the Event Income Report within RE.

To adjust the applied amounts from the batch:
  1. From the batch
  2. Highlight the row in queson
  3. Click, Gift, Links, Events, Registration Fees
  4. Split as desired, click OK
How it comes into the batch:

Option for splitting the gift include applying the total amount on the payee:

Another option is to distribute to all registrants (Note: the amount doesn't have to be distributed evenly):