This message will appear when the option 'other users may run this import' has been unchecked, to resolve it:

1.   Open the import causing the message by the person who created it
2.   Go to File, Save As and check the option 'Other users may run this import' and Save
3.   Close the import and the other user can now run it

If using Import to create a Constituent query and the only field included in the file is the Constituent ID, the user must have rights to Edit the Constituent ID for their Security Group.  To confirm this, do the following:

1. Go to Admin>Security
2. Open the Security group for the user
3. Select Records on the left pane
4. Select Options in the center pane
5. In the lower half under Miscellaneous Constituent Options, scroll to the bottom and check Edit Constituent ID option
6. Click OK
7. Click Save and Close on the Security Group
8. Have the user exit and sign out and sign in again for the change in rights to take effect

For more information on this option, please see How to change permissions so that others may or may not run or modify queries, reports, exports, imports, letters and global changes