Error: Please enter a valid 'Additional members' - when renewing a membership in batch with different constituents as the primary member" and "Bill to" constituent"

Memberships can be added or renewed via the Membership dues batch template.  When entering memberships in this type of batch, users must specify a "Bill to" constituent (the person who is actually paying for the membership or renewal), as well as a "Primary member" (in case the person who's paying is not the primary member on the membership).  However, when the Primary member value is set as a default in the batch template, and users attempt to process a membership renewal, they will receive the error:

Please enter a valid 'Additional members'.

When adding personal memberships via a Membership Dues Batch, users should only need to enter a value in the "Bill to" field.  When a constituent pays for a membership for themselves, the "Primary member" field is implied, and so having a default in that field other than that causes this error - that's why the "Primary member" field is grayed out.

When adding a gift of membership, where one constituent pays for the membership of another constituent, both fields are available and can be populated with different values.

To resolve this issue, remove the default value for the "Primary member" in the batch template.



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