Marking an Addressee or Salutation as editable depends on the nature of the data in the field:

If editable is checked:

  • Pro: The Addressee/Salutation field becomes a text field. You can enter the data exactly as you wish.
  • Con: If certain data fields (name fields especially) are updated on the record, then the Addressee/Salutation field will not reflect those updates automatically. The values will have to be updated manually.

If editable is unchecked:

  • Pro: Selecting a system-defined Addressee/Salutation will reflect data updates when associated fields are changed.
  • Con: You are limited to the system-defined formats defined under Configuration.

Additional Addressees and Salutations can be added to a record, so several editable and non-editable fields can be saved to a record for various data needs. For example, editable could be kept unchecked on the frequently used Primary Addressee and Primary Salutation fields. However, a less frequently used field, such as Honor Roll Listing or Board Member Name, could be added as an Additional Addressee/Salutation with editable checked to save a carefully entered entry.