1. Open Internet Explorer on the workstation and or server
  2. Click Tools Internet Options
  3. Click the Security tab > Trusted Sites > Click the Sites button
  4. Enter the NetCommunity default site URL
  5. Click Add > Click Close
  6. Click the Security tab > Click the Custom level... button
  7. Mark Enable for the Access data sources across domains option in the Miscellaneous section
  8. Click OK and save the changes

Note: This process will need to be done on all workstations that are experiencing the message.

These links were put into the plugin as a convenience to view the form data in one spot.  Due to added security, fully-hosted sites will not be able to access these links from the plugin.  In the event that the steps above do not resolve the issue, it is recommended to navigate to the links listed below directly on the website to access the same functionality.

To navigate to the links directly on the site use the steps below:

  1. Log in to the NetCommunity site 
  2. Click Site Explorer > Forms
    • View started and completed forms: Click the Data tab
    • Print or export forms with data: Click the Data tab > Export & Print
    • Search for a user's form: Click Search for a user's form button at the top of the page
    • Review payments made through online forms: Click the Data tab > Payments
    • View dashboard totals: Click Forms dashboard