Contact details, i.e. phone number, email address, do not come across in RE while registering for an event as an organization

When registering as an Organization, contact details, i.e., email address and telephone number, are not coming across to/appearing in the NetCommunity plugin of The Raiser's Edge.
When using the option: “Allow individuals to register on behalf of an organization,”  the form creates two records: an Individual record and a Company record. The individual who fills out the form will have all of the contact information that was entered applied to his/her profile. A Company Record only lists the company name.

The Individual record is linked as the company contact. The individual can update the company record from their profile page when logged into NetCommunity, or the company record can be manually updated within The Raiser's Edge by an administrator.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create an Event Registration page
  2. Create an Event Registration Form part and select option “Allow individuals to register on behalf of an organization”
  3. Complete the Event Registration
  4. Log into RE 
  5. Navigate to the BBNC plugin 
  6. Observe missing email address and telephone number information

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