For this example, I want to query on the postal code 46227 and all postal codes that may be gathered in a 50 mile radius to 46227.

Note: Only United States postal codes can be queried on using the postal code radius criteria.

Here are the steps to create that query.
  1. Click the arrow next to Queries in the menu bar
  2. Click Manage Queries
  3. Click on a category that you want to store this query in
  4. Click New Query under the tasks menu
  5. Name the query Postal Code Radius 50 miles from 46227
  6. Set the Starting criteria to Base/All Constituents
  7. Set the Data Return Type to Accounts
  8. Under MATCH select All of my criteria
  9. Choose Account from the Available Fields drop down menu and click on Postal Code Radius
  10. Fill in the starting postal code and then the radius in miles.
  11. Click Save and Preview