In order to see top donors along with their address information in one report we will have to create a custom account query from the Top Donor Report results. Then we can run the custom account query through a custom report to show name, address, and totals for those constituents. In this scenario we will be finding our top 100 donors based on lifetime received totals.

First, run the top donor report:
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click eTapestry Standard Reports
  3. Under Account Report, click on Top Donor Report
  4. Under Query select Base in the top box and All Constituents in the bottom box
  5. Fill in 100 and select Donors in the Percentage/Donors field
  6. Set the Type to Top Received Amount
  7. Select Display Results On Screen in the Report Format field
  8. Click Submit

Second, create a custom account query from the results of the Top Donor Report:
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the results page
  2. Select Base in the drop down next to Create A Custom Query In
  3. Type Top 100 Donors in the Custom Query Name field
  4. Click Create

Third, create a custom report to show Name, Address, and Lifetime Received:
  1. Click Reports
  2. Click Manage Reports
  3. Click on a category that you want to store this report in
  4. Click on New Report under the Task Menu
  5. Name the report Custom Top Donor Report
  6. Under Browse Fields, select Commonly Used Fields in the drop down menu and click Account Name, Address Lines, City, State/Province, and Postal Code
  7. Select Summary Fields under Browse Fields and click Lifetime Received Total
  8. Arrange the columns into order by clicking on the middle of the field column and dragging up or down.
  9. Click on the three dots to the left of the Lifetime Received Total column, and click on the Z with a down arrow icon to sort by Descending Order
  10. Click Save and Run under the Task Menu
  11. Under Query select Base in the top box and Top 100 Donors in the bottom box
  12. At the bottom of the page select a Delivery Option and then click Submit