Note: A Final purge should never be performed without having a Division Backup. If it is run without backup, there is no way to recover the purged data.

1. To access the Accounts Receivable Purge, use the Navigator Bar Item, Accounts Receivable> AR Purge.
2. In the screen that displays, set the purge parameters:

Enter Date
The transactions that have zero balances prior to this date will be purged. 
This date should not be a current date. Most clients will have several years of transactions that they want to retain at any given point. i.e. if 1/1/2006 is used, all zero balance transactions selected through 12/31/2005 will be purged.
After you enter selection criteria, the transactions are reviewed and the purge candidates are reported.  Preliminary doesn't purge transactions, and it can be performed more than once with different criteria.
After you enter selection criteria, the transactions are reviewed and the documents with zero balances that meet the date criteria are purged.
Document Types
Std Invoices applies to both the invoice and the Invoice Receipt applied against it, resulting in a zero balance on both.
Credit memos will be deleted if they have been applied in total against an invoice.
Memo Invoices will be deleted if selected.
Cash Receipts will be deleted if the date criteria is met. Since they are not applied against invoices, the zero balance criteria does not pertain to them.

3.  Click OK to run the purge.

The purge may be run for All Customers or you may select only the Customers for which you wish to have detail purged.
At this time, no Customers are purged through this process, but that function may be available in future revisions. Customers who no longer have activity may be deleted manually through the Accounts Receivable> Customers Window.
Processing the purge will produce a report named ARCRPurge.L##. The Preliminary Report will have that heading. The Final Purge Report will have a Heading indicating it is Final.