Inactive prospect managers export as active, current managers

Prospects may be assigned a prospect manager, and may have a history of several prospect managers over time.  At any given time, however, a prospect may only have historical managers, whose end dates for the relationship are all in the past.  When this happens, the Prospect manager field on the prospect record will be blank.

However, when users attempt to export prospects and their current managers, the most recent, but outdated, prospect manager will still export if there is no active manager.  The outdated manager will also show as active.

When exporting Prospect > Prospect manager > Is active, the "Active" value is referring to that manager's status as a fundraiser, not the status of their current relationship to the prospect.

In order to determine whether a relationship between a prospect and manager is current, export the following:

Prospect > Prospect manager end date

If this field is blank (or in the future), the fundraiser is the current manager for the related prospect.



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