First, you need to make your User Defined field searchable (if it isn't already):
  1. Select Management in the menu bar
  2. Click User Defined Fields in the Database Configuration tile
  3. Click the category the field is stored under
  4. Click the name of the field to open it
  5. Click Step 3 Field Attributes
  6. Check the box next to 'Would you like the option to search on this field using Advanced Find?'
  7. Click Save And Finish
You have now enabled Advanced Find functionality for this field. Now we can perform a search on this field:
  1. Select Accounts in the menu bar
  2. Click Advanced Find
  3. Underneath the standard fields (ex: Name, Address, etc...), click the User Defined Fields section
  4. You will now see a list of your user defined fields that have the Advanced Find functionality enabled; click the field you would like to perform a search on
  5. Select a value you want to search on, or if it is a field where you key in the data (Text Box or Note fields) type in the term you want to search on
  6. Click Find
In your results you will now see a list of accounts that match the the value(s) or term(s) you are searching on in your user defined field!