An ISO Name value must be selected in the Raisers Edge for each country. No Country's ISO Name field can be left blank. If the ISO code is blank or configured incorrectly, the wrong country may show in the plugin. The NetCommunity plugin showing the wrong country is only a symptom of the country being configured incorrectly in The Raiser's Edge.

To troubleshoot and resolve this issue:
  1. Log into the Raisers Edge with the necessary rights to edit ISO settings.
  2. Go to Config > International
  3. Double-click on each country you have in this gallery, and make sure that each country is not blank in the ISO Name field.
    **Note: It is necessary to double-click on each country to check. There is no way to see the ISO Name field for a country without double-clicking on it.
  4. Select the appropriate ISO Name for each country, saving as you go. See How to configure a foreign country in Configuration for credit card processing for more details.

    More Info...
    When NetCommunity queries back to RE to pull over the ISO information for a given country (eg: Philippines), if RE does not know the ISO Code, it will return the ISO Code of RE’s installed country (Could be USA or CA or GB). All of these country names and ISO Codes build up into a list of Key-Value pairs when the Event2 Transaction is being built.

    If your REs installed country is United States, and you have 10 countries in RE with a blank ISO code, then you will have 11 Key-Value pairs in this list with the ISO Code USA (the 10 blanks, plus 1 for actual United States).

    At that point, the country that you get in your transaction is the first one in the list that matches your Addresses Country ISO Code. So if this scenario occurred, and your address was in the USA, you will get whichever country occurs first in this list, where RE told us the ISO code was USA.
Duplicate Country
In addition to checking the country configuration, specifically ISO values, you must also confirm each Country only has one list. If there is a duplicate country under Config>International, delete the duplicate. If you are unable to delete the duplicate country due to it being in use on records, you must first update the records to include the correct country. How to globally add, replace, or delete a country from constituent addresses