1. Search for and open the donor's account
  2. Click the blue Journal link
  3. Select Gift/Pledge from the Add New drop down menu
  4. Fill in the Received field with the amount the donor is donating
  5. Select a Fund, along with any other fields you'd like to track (Campaign, Approach, etc...)
  6. Click on the Gift Types tab on the right side of the screen
  7. Select Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in the Gift Type drop down menu
  8. Select whether the account being charged is a Savings or Checking account
  9. Fill in the Routing Number and Account Number fields since you are going to process this donation
  10. Make sure you have your BBMS or Sage processor selected within the Transaction Processor field if your organization uses more than one processor, you will also see a .
  11. Set the drop down menu next to the Save And button at the bottom of the page to Process Transaction
  12. Click Save And