1. Login to RE as a supervisor user and access the BBNC plugin, by clicking "NetCommunity" on the left side menu
  2. Click Options in the upper right of the plugin screen
  3. Click on "New Constituents" in the menu on the left   NOTE: Other users can't be in the plugin when you're making changes here, this is to help prevent errors
  4. Click "Add New" next to "Default Set applied to all new individuals:"
  5. Here you can load a lot of different defaults to be set whenever you create individual constituents. For your addressee and salutation, click "Addressee/Salutation" on the left hand side
  6. Use the dropdowns to select your Primary Address and Primary Salutation
  7. You can add any other defaults you would like to, then give the Default Set a Name, and click "Save and Close"
  8. Ensure that your default set is now selected in the box under "Default Set applied to all new individuals"