iData is FundWare's intelligent analysis and reporting tool, available with FundWare Enterprise Edition. iData eliminates the burden of deciphering complicated data dictionaries, delivering quick access to financial data. You can easily create reports from well-organized Smart Views, which conform to your unique system configuration and allow you to report across divisions. As with all FundWare modules, iData has been specifically developed for the needs of not-for-profit organizations and the public sector. iData allows you to:

  •       Access data without interpreting intricate data dictionaries
  •       Use familiar terms and logical data arrangements
  •       Report across disparate divisions, or databases
  •       Develop queries with standard ODBC or SQL tools including Microsoft® Excel, Crystal Reports and Microsoft® Access
  •       Automatically organize complicated data based on your FundWare configuration
  •       Schedule data extraction at regular intervals that you define
  •       Set your own security parameters
  •       Get the information you need quickly and easily

FundWare iData Smart Views:
Without a doubt, the most impressive feature of iData is Smart Views, a simple, logical view of your data based on your FundWare configuration.
Typical data dictionaries are complex, unorganized and hard to use. But Smart Views categorizes data with logical, clearly defined names. Smart Views makes finding the information you need easier and faster.

For more information regarding installing, configuring and using iData, please refer to the iData Installation and Technical Guide.