Error attempting to process a donation made toward a participant in the Blackbaud Sphere Connector

When attempting to process a donation in the Blackbaud Sphere Connector that has been made toward a participant in a Friends Asking Friends event, a message comes up stating "Soft creditee constituent (name) was not found.  Make sure that the corresponding signup has been processed".  What does this mean and how can a User get around this?
As of the 9.4.2 release of Blackbaud Sphere, Participant Credited information can be enabled to come through the Connector along with a donation.  This donation is brought over into Raiser's Edge as a Soft Credit.  What this error is stating is that the associated Event Registration for the participant that this donation is being credited to has not yet been processed.  In order for the donation to be credited to the participant in Raiser's Edge, the Event Registration needs to be processed first.

Click OK past this message and go into the Event Registrations link under the Connector.  Find the participant's Event Registration that was named in the message screen and process their registration.  After this is complete, you should then be able to process the donation without any further error.

Note: This will only take place for Event Registrations with donations credited to the participant that are waiting to be processed.  Any participant Event Registrations that have already been processed prior to a donation credited to that participant being synced will not display this message.



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