We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.


1.  Open BBEC
2.  Select Constituents
3.  Open Constituent Search and search for the constituent who has more than 500 event registrants
4.  Select Event Registrant under “View As”
5.  Select tools up at the top and choose “design mode”
6.  Select Properties
7.  A new window will appear
8.  Click on “Registrant View List 2” under Datalist.
9.  Select the ellipses
10.  A search window will appear.  Search for Registrant View List.
11.  Select “Registrant View List” from the search screen
12.  Under the Groups section, (none) is selected.  Select this option and ellipses appear.  Select the ellipses.
13.  A new window appears
14.  Select Event Name and Default Grouping to “Event name”
15.  Choose OK
16.  Select Save
17. The page will automatically refresh (may take a moment)
18. We can now sort by event date.