1. Click Lock Periods/Years to Posting on the module navigator (if the module is not expanded, click General Ledger first) or select General Ledger and select Lock Periods/Years to Posting from the menu bar. The task displays.
2. From the ID Type drop-down list, select the ID type for which you are closing the period or year.
3. Click the plus sign to expand a fiscal year. The system displays all periods, reclass periods, and adjustment periods for the year.
4. If the Locked to Posting box is marked, that period and all prior periods will be locked to posting.  If the box is not marked, then that period and all recent periods will be unlocked.  Click the box to lock or unlock a period. 
For example, if March 2005 and April 2005 are both open periods and you click the April 2005 check box, the system will close both March and April to posting. 
Click the top check box to lock an entire year. Check marks display for all periods within the year.  
Click the bottom check box to unlock the entire year. The mark will be cleared for all periods withing the year.

5. Click Apply to save your settings and remain in the window, or click OK to save your settings and close the window.