How to Link to a User to a Fund in NetCommunity for Foundations

NetCommunity for Foundations requires a NetCommuntiy user's record be linked to a record in both the Raiser's Edge and GrantedGE as well as have a relationship to a fund or funds. This will outline the process for how this relationship is established so a user can access both their Fund information and make Grant Recommendations. 
Prerequisite: The NetCommunity user must have a linked record to a Raiser's Edge constituent record.  GrantedGE must have been synced with the Raiser's Edge.

1. In GrantedGE, go to Config > Business Rules > CRM Config

GE screenshot

2. In the Raiser's Edge access the Constituent's Record.

3. Go to Relationships > Funds

4. Create a new fund relationship.  The Reciprocal Relationship needs to be one of these relationships listed on the GE section above
RE linked user

3. In GE - Make sure the user is Linked to that Fund as a Requestor.

     A. In GE go to Records > Funds and search for your Fund. (Usually Funds start with the Fund Number that is listed in RE)

     B. Open your Fund and go to the Requestor Tab.

     C. If you do NOT see the Fund Admin you have set up in RE in the top field then click the Refreh Button.

NOTE: Normally this sync process is automatically run in GE as an overnight procedure.  This sync is not supported by Blackbaud. and would need to be addressed by Fusion Labs.


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