1. Recipient Detail Page: This page has a DAR - Recipient Details Part on it. Before you can make the Previous Grants Page, this page must be created.

2. New Recipient Page: This page has a DAR - New Recipient Part on it. The New Recipient part allows the user to enter a new recipient into a grant recommendation. This recipient is not put directly into GrantedGE or The Raiser’s Edge. Instead, the recipient is held as part of the grant recommendation until foundation personnel verify the recipient or match the recipient to an existing recipient in the system. This is only a data entry part, and it does not have an editable template to control the layout.

3. Previous Grants Page:  This page needs to have a DAR - Grant Recipient History.  This part allows the user to view a list of recipients who have received grants from a fund. Each recipient appears in the list once, even if they received multiple grants. (Note: You will need to have created a Recipient Detail Page. This page will have a DAR - Recipient Detail View Part)

4. Recipient Search Page: This page needs to have a DAR - Recipient Search Part on it.  The Recipient Search part allows the user to search for potential grant recipients. After an appropriate recipient is found, the user can view details about the recipient or create a grant recommendation for the recipient with the Grant Request part. If no suitable recipients are found, the user can click New Recipient to access the page with the New Recipient part and add a recipient to the foundation’s database.

5. Saved Grant Page: This page needs to have a DAR -Saved Grant Requests Part on it. The Saved Grant Request List part provides the user with a list of saved grant recommendations. The user can edit these incomplete grant recommendations, submit them as a group, or delete them. The user can also select different grant recommendation statuses to view recommendations they already submitted through the Grant Request part, as well as recommendations already processed by the foundation. The user cannot make changes to a grant recommendation that has been submitted.

6. Print Page: This page needs to have a DAR - Grant Request Print part. The Grant Request Print part displays the data entered in the Grant Request part and places it in a display template for printing. This part should be on a page that utilizes a template designed for print versions of pages and parts. This template should be devoid of most navigational elements present on your web pages. It should only include the surrounding elements that you want on printed pages from the sit.

7. Miscellaneous pages: Build four additional pages with Formatted Text and Image parts that express the following ideas:
     a. Submission Successful Landing page
     b. Saved Grant Landing Page
     c. Canceled Grant Landing Page
     d. Insufficient Permissions Page