1) After the changes were made to the form within eTapestry, the Go Live button was not clicked.

If you made a change to the form in eTapestry but did not click the Go Live button, the live version of the page will not be updated. You can follow these steps to update the live page:
  1. Select Management in the menu bar
  2. Click DIY Forms (Online Forms) in the Manage Your Online Presence tile
  3. Click the Edit button next to the live page you made changes to
  4. Click the Go Live button in the upper right hand corner once the form is open
  5. Click Replace in the window that appears

2) You have not embedded the live version of the form in your website.

If you have the DIY Form embedded on your website, anytime you make changes to the form, you need to re-embed the form into your website. For more information about embedding a DIY form, please see How Do I Embed My DIY Form?.

Please note, the embed code will not change after you make changes to your DIY Form, but re-embedding will refresh the connection between the form in eTapestry and the embed code so that the website also updates.

3) The browser is displaying a cached (older) version of the form.

If you still see the old version of the form online, your browser may be displaying a cached version of the form without any of the edits that you made. In order to see the updated form, you can try clearing the cache of your browser so that when you pull up the form, you see the newest version of it.
You can clear your cache by clicking Ctrl+Shift+Del. Then you can follow these steps, depending on the browser to you are using:
Mozilla Firefox:
  1. Set 'Time range to clear' to your desired date range
  2. Under Details, make sure the boxes next to Cache and Cookies is checked
  3. Click Clear Now
Internet Explorer:
  1. Check off the box next to Temporary Internet files, Cookies and History
  2. Click Delete
Google Chrome:
  1. Check off Empty the Cache and Delete cookies and other site plug-in data
  2. Click Clear Browsing Data
Once you have cleared your cache make sure to close your browser and then re-open it. Once that has been done, navigate back to your live form and you should see the newest version with the changes you made in place.