How to import Tuition Management Services into Student Billing (includes sample data file)

Tuition Management Services is a third-party collection agency that families send payments to instead of the paying the school directly. The school can then import the payment information into Student Billing.


Follow these steps:
  1. From the Administration page, click Import from Tuition Management Service.
  2. In the Tuition management service field, select the service being used. 
  3. In the Import file field, click the browse button to search for and select the file to import.  Note: Manually editing an import file may cause the file to become invalid. 
  4. In the Match records by using field, select how you are matching the payments to the records. Note: Student ID is highly recommended.
  5. In the Bank account for deposit field, select a bank account. 
  6. Mark the Print a control report or Create output query of records checkboxes as appropriate. 
  7. Click Import Now. 
  8. Click OK on when the confirmation message appears. 
Refer to this sample data file, TMSImport.xls, for the file layout.

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