This message is part of an update made to Java Version 7 Update 21.  Java will now prompt this message any time you visit a webpage that has a Java application installed on it.  Since the Standard template Friends Asking Friends events using Java for the Honor Roll scroll, this message displays for visitors to Participant and General Donation pages that utilize the Honor Roll.

Workarounds to this message:

1. A user can mark the box for "I accept the risk and want to run this app.", as well as "Do not show again for this app" so that the message doesn't return the next time they visit a page on the event.

2. There is a way to decrease the security settings for Java to not prompt this message.  However, this setting will prevent any websites that utilize Java from displaying this warning.  Sphere support is offering this fix as a suggestion but does not recommend that this course of action be taken, as this opens supporters up to the possibility of visiting other websites that utilize Java in a harmful way to their workstations.

If the supporter accepts this risk, they can adjust the settings by doing the following:

1. Go to Start > Computer
2. Open up the C: drive
3. Open Program Files (x86)
4. Open the Java folder
5. Open the jre7 folder
6. Open the bin folder
7. Double-click on javacpl
8. Click the Security tab
9. Change the Security Level to Medium
10. Click OK

We are currently working on alternative methods to avoiding this message on Standard template events.  This solution will be updated with any new methods we put together.