Steward records do not have a direct hyperlink to their constituent record on the Stewardship tab for Purpose records

Users, in past versions, had the ability to open a steward/constituent record directly from the Stewardship tab on a purpose.  In versions 2.94+, when using web shell, there is no option or URL to browse to the constituent record making it almost impossible to figure out what specific record we're working with under this tab due to there being no other identifier than name.
This functionality can be added via Design Mode with the below steps:

1. Go to the Stewardship tab of the purpose page
2. Make sure you are in design mode
3. Click the Edit actions button above the "Stewardship Recipients" section
4. Click the Add option, at the bottom of the form that comes up, that allows us to create a new task for the section (versus selecting the existing Add function)
5. Enter the following fields:
- Caption: Go to constituent (or whatever caption you want)
- DefaultAction: True
- LinkFieldID: Name (I do not believe that this option is available in 2.94's design mode, but is in 3.0. But it is not necessary in order to make an action to go to the constituent page)
- ActionType: ShowPage
- Page: Constituent Page
- ContextType: SectionField


 2.94.1524.58 ; 3.0.516.3

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