1. Click the Management tab
  2. Under Database Configuration, click User Defined Fields
  3. Click on the category called  Benevon Defined Fields
  4. In the Tasks menu, click New Defined Field
  5. Name the field Benevon Next Step
  6. Set the Data Type to Text
  7. Click Next to move to step 2
  8. Mark the checkbox next to Contacts
  9. Click Next to move to step 3
  10. Click Next to move to step 4
  11. Set the Display Type to Selection from a set of values
  12. Click Next to move to step 5
  13. Add the following values:
    • Invite to Ask Event
    • Invite to Board Meeting
    • Invite to FFGCE
    • Invite to Other Special Event
    • Invite to POE - Onsite
    • Invite to POE - Offsite
    • Other Contact Needed (go to Notes)
    • Potential Table Captain
    • Refer to Table Captain
    • Refer to Volunteer Coordinator
    • Send Additional Information
    • Send Personal Note
    • Send Receipt
    • Send Thank You
    • Send Volunteer Orientation Info
    • Set Another Call (assign it to XX and set call date)
    • Set Personal Visit
  14. Click Save and Finish