The "Add users to NetCommunity" utility does not currently include an option to resend the welcome email to existing user accounts.  If you would like to see this type of feature in a future release of the product, please click the "Share an idea" link at our community support site to suggest this feature.  Blackbaud values your feedback and wants to ensure you are delighted with our products.  Our products team regularly reviews suggestions to identify trends that drive improvements intended to benefit you. We develop product improvement strategies based on these trends through a formal Discover Process. 

Please note: running the "Add users to NetCommunity" utility again will not send the welcome email to existing user accounts.  The utility is designed to send the welcome email exclusively to new accounts that it creates.

To send an email Message to all of your NetCommunity users that includes their username and password information, see BB610952.
For an alternative way to email username and password information to certain users, see How to send an email with username and password information to a select group of existing Online Campus Community users.